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Can you meet virtually?

Yes, we meet virtually with all clients and can work with clients anywhere in the country.

Broadening the potential pool of clients nationally like this is the reason we have been able to build a viable business around such a narrow niche working with legacy-minded clients.  In fact, while Covid has accelerated the virtual trend, this has been the direction in which the industry has been moving for years, with research showing many knock-on benefits: lower barriers to entry for otherwise nervous clients, more flexibility in how and when meetings take place, increased convenience and reduced stress around actually getting to the meeting, the therapeutic effect of meeting from a more comfortable and familiar environment, increased advisor availability, and better client adherence to their financial plans.

Why should I consider working with Charis Legacy Partners?

Great question!  Let’s start with why you shouldn’t work with us. If you are looking for a “stock picker” who will tell you the next hottest stock to invest in or tell you which way the market is going to move, that’s not us.

There are a million and one things that effect the markets that investors have absolutely no control over, so our view is that life is too short to worry about them.  Market volatility is a short-term phenomenon; however, markets have always gone up over the long term and are exceedingly likely to continue rising in the future, so the key to long-term investment success is staying disciplined with your investment plan to capture the long-term market return.

In other words, our value proposition at Charis Legacy Partners lies in long-term legacy planning, not in market-beating returns.  We have a specialized niche, and we are focused on serving that niche at the highest level possible.  You should evaluate several financial planners before choosing one, and assess fit based on their philosophy, processes, and personality.  The starting point in that assessment process for Charis Legacy Partners is scheduling a 15-minute introductory consultation.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes.  Simply put, at Charis Legacy Partners, we place your interests ahead of our own and have structured our firm such that you have legal recourse if we fall short of this fiduciary standard.

Do you have an asset minimum?

No.  Good investment management that aligns with every other dimension of a long-term legacy plan is an important part of achieving your legacy goals, which is why we only work with clients who delegate investment management.  But we intentionally avoid asset minimums so that we don’t exclude younger legacy builders who have yet to accumulate much in the way of investable assets.