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About Charis Legacy Partners

Charis Legacy Partners Mission Statement:

Harnessing Wealth to Bless Others Through Intentional, Legacy-Minded Financial Planning

Core Values:

  • Operate Above Reproach
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Stay True to Mission
  • Optimize Stewardship of Finite Resources
  • Prioritize Relationships

About Scott Monk, CFP®, CFA, MBA

Founder and CEO of Charis Legacy Partners

Many years ago, I felt a clear calling to devote my life to building wealth for the purpose of funneling as much of it as possible into the ministries and charities I am passionate about.  When I first caught this vision, I was fresh out of college, and since I came from a family of limited means, I worked and took out student loans to pay for college.  All that to say, this vision came to me as I was drowning in student loan debt with no idea what this was going to look like or where it would take me.  However, I decided to just step out in faith and let the vision guide me.

I carried this dream in my heart throughout business school and then through countless hours studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certifications.  All the while, I would find myself daydreaming about the charitable legacy I could leave and spending my free time researching strategies to maximize the impact of that legacy.  I started Charis Legacy Partners to take all that I have learned on this journey and share it with others who care deeply about their financial legacy. This firm is my way of connecting with and giving back to my tribe of legacy-minded wealth stewards.

I started my investing journey in the early 2000’s during the dotcom bubble, so I have been through multiple market cycles.  I began my professional career in financial services as an equity analyst for a boutique hedge fund, and after business school, I spent eight years with Vanguard, which is where my career as a wealth planner began.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Erin, since 2009, and we have three children who keep me busy outside of work; I am passionate about raising them to be well-rounded, curious and thoughtful individuals who prize character and integrity above all else.  I love the outdoors and exploring new places, learning new things and experiencing new cultures.

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